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Welcome to custom TV Installation Company! is an Internet division of VS and VS Enterprises Company- family owned and operated since 1999. offers professional LCD TV installation, Plasma TV installation, LCD LED TV installation, OLED TV installation, LCD DLP TV installation, Laser DLP TV installation, complete Home Theater installation, RF and IR universal remote controls, electric and manual front projector screens, front projectors, whole house audio distribution systems, on-wall/in-wall speakers, outdoor speakers, motorized TV wall mount. We also offer in-wall wire concealment, electronic equipment out of sight relocation, component shelves installation, universal remote control programming, full line of installation related hardware and accessories. We are based at Brooklyn, NY and offer our installation services in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We specialize in large LCD and Plasma TVs 60”up and TV installation over fireplace with concealed wiring. We are one of very few companies who have large flat panel TV elevation device. Desinged and built by company founder Vinny, lift allows for safe lifting of heavy TVs over fireplace mantels up to 12’ above floor level.

   We do not say that we install LCD TVs and Plasma TVs for more than 20 years as many of our competitors claim. Flat panel TVs came out around 1997-1998. They were available in limited numbers and had astronomically high price tag. Our first flat panel TV installation took place in 1999 in Maspeth, NY. We remember it as it was yesterday. Not everyday we did $17,000 flat panel monitor installation. It was NEC commercial monitor. Customer’s very good friend was in charge of ordering many of those monitors for movie theater TV upgrade so he ordered spare one for her.

   We can write a book about our electronics knowledge. Company founding father, Vinny, is an electronic engineer. Not only he used to design and build custom speakers and amplifiers, but he built complete PC similar to IBM x86 16bit back in 1988! In his spare time Victor fixes TVs, rebuilds Mercedes Benz engine wiring harnesses (Probably the only person in USA who does that), rebuilds Bose amplifiers, Bosch throttle actuators and other hard to find and expensive Mercedes parts. Check out our Mercedes repair web site-

Why should you hire for your installation project?

   Check our Client List page. Celebrities and millionaires trust their installation projects to us. Check our company history page to read about our background. Here are couple of points one should consider before choosing vs our competitors:

We are family owned and operated. We personally answer your call or e-mail, come for FREE consultation, and personally come to perform the installation. Many of other companies are just resell dealers. They acquire the customer and than either sell it to other installation company or sub-contract the job to some installer. They care less what happens at the jobsite. Read any of their policy. They clearly state that they cannot be held liable for anything. We do not believe in sub-contracting. We do not send strangers to your home. We take pride in our work. WE WANT TO DO THE JOB RIGHT-WE DO IT OURSELVES!

We quote FULL price over the phone or during FREE in-home consultation. You never pay more than quoted. Check our our LCD Plasma TV installation prices, Home Theater installation prices, TV wall mounts prices, and additional services prices. We are not the cheapest and not most expensive. We are in the mid-price range but offer top dollar service. Many online TV installation companies advertise prices as low as $89. When you call them, $89 becomes $890 or they change the price during installation. Unfortunately, it happens often. Some companies will charge you for appointment rescheduling, some companies charge extra for warranty! There are lots of online TV installation companies that practice shady business. Read fine print before signing anything from those big companies.

We are small company. We provide personal TV installation and Home Theater design service. We have our PRIVATE HOME ADDRESS on every invoice. We are not hiding from you. Many small companies are shady. You only find some cell phone number and installer first name. Many smaller online companies are formed by installers who worked for somebody. Some left, some were laid off, some were fired. Some were professional installer helpers. Many were never in electronics field. I saw one guy who used to deliver TVs for a living. Then he decided that he wants to install them. And now he claims that he is one professional installer with years of experience. We will not offer you to rebuild your rear deck or resurface your bathroom. We work with electronics ONLY. We do it for living and we do it for years.

Look closely at our TV installation picture galleries and compare them to others. Many of our competitors use fake pictures that they take from High End Magazines like and I saw OUR OWN installation pictures stolen from OUR website on some other installation company website. Many other pictures we see online have wires hanging down from TV, bunch of wires laying on the floor, TVs installed too high, TVs installed on wrong brackets, speakers installed improperly. We’re not saying that we are perfect. We do our best to make the job look perfect. We exercise all possible options and take all the time needed to have your TV installation done right vs subcontractor that has to rush to another job. is the best choice for your TV installation and Home Theater setup. Whatever your project involves LCD TV installation, Plasma TV installation, projector installation, whole house media distribution, Home Theater design is here for you.

   Deal with the BEST, not the rest!

   Best regards,

   Vinny and Victor