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3D TV technology, hardware, installation

3D TVs are not science fiction anymore. New era in television has begun!

Avatar was first non-animation movie made in full 3D. I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D and was amazed with 3D effect. There were still some imperfections with image synchronization but overall it was awesome. Newest 3D TVs coming out have 1080P HD picture with electronic shutter glasses that make HD 3D picture perfect. 3D HDTV, in my opinion, is the future of television. We are still far away from glasses-less 3D HDTV for in-home use but I absolutely don’t mind wear glasses to watch a movie for couple of hours.

3D TV technology is still too new. There are limited specifications details available. Here are few major details: HDMI 1.4 cables have to be used for higher bandwidth and additional digital data; Playstation 3 is the only Blu-Ray player that will support 3D Blu-Ray discs after Sony releases firmware update and it should output 3D digital data via it’s HDMI 1.3 port; some HDMI 1.3 A/V receivers might pass through 3D data but it’s too early to speculate; 3D-ready Blu-Ray players will be needed with two HDMI outputs-version 1.3 for HD sound to A/V receiver and version 1.4 for 3D content to TV.

We are 3D HDTV pioneers. We installed 3D Mitsubishi LaserVue laser rear projection TV way before 3D became major news. Unfortunately, there were no 3D content available at that time. Call us for your new 3D HDTV installation. will keep our customers informed about 3D HDTV news. 3D HDTV technology is still too new and there are very few details available.

BestBuy has 3D TV on display at 900 BestBuy stores nationwide. I personally saw Samsung 3D LCD TV demo and here are my thoughts. It feels like characters are inside the box in 3D rather than right in front of you. It did not feel like everything comes out at you. Glasses feel like my driving sunglasses and can be worn for couple of hours. Overall, I liked the 3D experience. It is MUCH better than current 3D BluRay movies with green and red paper glasses. Picture is much sharper and there are absolutely no glitches during the playback. I would definitely purchase 3D TV in future. 3D TV I personally want is Mitsubishi LaserVue 65” rear projection TV. Larger the screen-better 3D experience.

Check this page from time to time for more updates about 3D TV technology.