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Caddy corner flat panel TV installation

Many people ask if we can install their TV in the corner. Yes we can!

In some cases the best installation option is LCD TV installation in corner, Plasma TV installation in corner, LED TV installation in corner. It depends on room layout, furniture placement, and overall esthetics. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having TV installed in the corner. TV installation in the corner looks great and usually saves a lot of space.

Couple of factors to consider before caddy corner TV installation. First is wall mount selection. There are corner wall mounting brackets on the market designed for caddy corner TV installations. They are very expensive and hard to install. Best solution is to install TV on full motion arm mount and set the arm to 45 degree angle to the corner. Second is furniture to have electronics installed into. There are triangle cabinets and carts that can be placed under TV in the corner. Another option is to install corner shelf under TV and place cable box and DVD player on the shelf. And best option is to relocate electronics out of sight and have clean caddy corner TV installation. In some cases electronics can not be relocated without cutting walls. In that case under TV furniture of shelf are best options. It all depends on home structural design. In most caddy corner TV installations customers choose furniture under TV option. Call us to discuss your caddy corner TV installation options. PHOTOS

In some rooms caddy corner TV installation is the only option to have TV installed. Some rooms will benefit from caddy corner TV installation due to space saved installing TV out the way. Some caddy corner TVs installed higher than usual will be more comfortable to watch from high bed. Call us with any questions you might have.