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TV installation in the kitchen

It’s to have TV in the kitchen when you cook or have morning coffee cup!


Many of our customers request to have LCD TV installed in the kitchen. Some customers enjoy watching CNN or local news while having breakfast, some customers want to entertain themselves while cooking, some customers spend more time in the kitchen than their living room and prefer to have TV in the kitchen. is the company to call for your LCD TV installation in the kitchen. There are many locations in the kitchen where your LCD TV can be installed. Wire run options and cable box location depends on house structural design. In some kitchen LCD TV installations we run wires inside the wall into basement, in some installations we run wires into sink vanities. Some customers do not want to have cable box in the kitchen. We either relocate cable box out of sight or connect cable feed directly to TV to have basic cable channels.

Call us for consultation regarding your LCD TV installation in the kitchen.

Scroll down to view some of our LCD TV installations in the kitchen photos.

LCD TV kitchen installation above window

This LCD TV installation in the kitchen looks great. This NJ customer loves to watch local news and traffic having his morning coffee. This installation was pretty complicated. TV installation above window was not a problem. Wire concealment was tough. We had to cut some wall behind TV to drill through wooden beams to pass wires down the wall. Cables came out behind coffee maker to the right of the sink. Cable box was setup on countertop away from the sink between coffee maker and wine bottles. Beautiful LCD TV installation in the kitchen by
kitchen TV corner installation

This 26” LCD TV installation in the kitchen was done for our Brooklyn,NY customer. This LCD TV was installed in the corner on full motion wall mount. Outlet was relocated from under TV to behind TV. Wires are snaked down the wall and track molding was installed by the baseboard to run wire horizontally to the cable box that was set on lower shelf to the left. Cute kitchen LCD TV installation to enjoy while having family dinner.
kitchen lcd tv wall mount

Here we have 19” LCD TV installation in front of kitchen table for our NJ customer. Even though this TV is small, installation was quite challenging. There are corner support wooden beams. It was very difficult to snake wires down the wall due to very limited space between those beams. Customer opted not to have cable box installed. Cable feed was snaked through the wall from adjoining room. Not only this LCD TV installation allows customer to watch TV from kitchen table, it is also viewable from stove and sink area. Very cute, unobstructed and functional LCD TV installation in kitchen.
lcd tv installation in the kitchen

Here we have 32” Samsung LCD TV installation in the kitchen. This caddy corner kitchen TV installation was installed in Westbury,NY for customer who spends lots of time in the kitchen. Wires were snaked on down the wall and came out on the other side in the living room. We connected this LCD TV to living room cable box. Kitchen TV plays same channel as in living room. RF remote extender system was installed to control cable box. Very nice and clean kitchen LCD TV installation.

LCD TV installation in the kitchen is now possible without big a bulky CRT tube TV sitting on counter top or refrigerator. LCD TV can be mounted out the way and take very little space on the wall or under counter. Call to have your LCD TV installed in the kitchen today.