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Metal stud wall TV installation CAN mount your TV on metal stud wall!

Many people call inquiring if we can mount their flat panel TV on metal studded wall. We have special hardware that allows to safely hang TV to metal studs. All highrise NYC apartment buildings have metal studded walls.

Metal studded walls are not as strong as wood studded walls. With use of our hardware, TV installation on metal stud wall can be performed safely with no-fall warranty. If full motion articulating arm is used, we must have wall reinforced as it will not support TV extended away from the wall. We usually reinforce the wall with plywood cut to specific articulating arm wall mount.

Many companies reinforce all metal studded walls even for flat or tilt wall mounts. They do it to charge more for unnecessary labor. It is absolutely safe to mount TV on flat or tilt mounts. Our largest TV installed on metal studded wall was 65” Sharp LCD TV. To safely mount such a large and heavy TV on metal stud wall we used extra long wall mount to grab three metal studs. Customer was very happy as he did not have to pay extra for wall reinforcement other companies wanted to charge him. performed hundreds of metal stud wall TV installations. Call us with any questions you might have.        PHOTOS

Plasma TV installation on metal stud wall NYC

Here we have Vizio 50” Plasma TV installation on metal stud wall along with 2.1 sound system in NYC. This Vizio plasma TV weights around 90 pounds. We used low profile wall mounting bracket. Components were installed on top of kitchen cabinet to the left.
Customer wanted clean TV installation without any furniture under TV. Because structural design, we were able to snake wires to the kitchen area then up to kitchen cabinet top.
Beautiful and clean installation by
Samsung plasma TV installation in NYC high rise metal studs

Here we have Samsung 50” Plasma TV installation on metal stud wall along with OmniMount shelf with custom cut plexiglass in NYC highrise apartment. This TV installation was performed in home office room. Customer has his treadmill in this room and did not want to put any furniture under TV. We opted for shelf installation above TV that holds DirecTV satellite receiver. Power and satellite feeds were snaked from the bottom of the wall up behind shelf.
Another NYC space saving TV installation on metal studded wall by
Pioneer TV wall mount to metal studs

Here we have 50” Pioneer Plasma TV installation on metal stud wall along with Vantage Point glass shelf in NYC. This TV on metal stud wall installation was performed in ex-intermediate school converted to residential apartments. All walls have metal studs. TV and shelf are mounted to metal studs with our hardware. This apartment has raised living room floor with storage compartments. Wires are snaked down the wall to under the floor space. Surround sound speaker wires are run under the floor as well.
Beautiful TV, shelf, surround sound system installation by
LCD TV installation metal studded wall

Here we have 52” Samsung LCD TV installation on metal stud wall in Chelsea apartment. Low profile mount was used for close to the wall TV installation. Components are installed inside the cabinet below TV. This wall has lots of weight applied to it. Beside shelves and books, cabinet is also mounted to the wall. As you can see metal studded walls can take lots of weight if installation is performed properly.
Another awesome setup by is an expert in LCD TV installation on metal stud wall, Plasma TV metal stud wall installation, LED TV installation on metal studs wall. Call us today to have your TV installation on metal stud wall done safely by professional installation company.