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Full motion swing articulating arm TV installation

Want to turn TV from side to side or have TV installed in the corner?

Depending on room layout you might want to have TV installation on swing arm mount and turn TV to side so it faces the viewer. Perhaps you want to have TV installed inside wall unit and pull it out to watch. Maybe you want caddy corner TV installation. If any of those apply to your TV installation then you need our LCD TV installation on swing arm, Plasma TV swing arm mount installation, LED TV full motion arm installation.

There are few considerations before selecting TV installation on full motion arm mount. First and foremost is wall ability to support extra weight. Full motion arms are heavier than regular wall mounts. When TV is extended away from the wall on full motion arm mount, there is lots of extra stress added to the wall due to leverage effect extended arm creates. Second is arm mount thickness. Usually arm mounts are 3.5”-4.5” thick when folded. In many cases TV is too far away from the wall and looks too bulky. Also, swing arm mount costs more than traditional mount. Longer cables have to be installed and outlet relocated. Some walls require reinforcement to support added weight bringing installation price higher that usual. All metal studded walls have to be reinforced for arm mount. Call us to find out more details regarding TV installation on articulating swing arm mount. Scroll down for examples.

TV installation on full motion swing arm mount is great option where TV cannot be installed in front of the couch. It is also great to have TV installed on arm mount if one wants to watch TV from different areas. We do not recommend those arm mounts unless completely necessary. Many companies try to sell arm mounts due to higher profits they make selling them. We, at, want you to have beautiful, functional, and cost efficient TV installation. Call us to find out if you really need TV installation on full motion swing arm mount.