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TV installation over fireplace

Flat panel TV installation over fireplace is best looking TV installation.

Fireplace is usually the centerpiece of the room. Space above the fireplace is good for art, mirror, or your new flat panel TV. Many people are concerned about installing TV over their fireplace. Is it safe? Will fireplace heat damage my TV? It is perfectly safe to mount LCD TV over fireplace, Plasma TV over fireplace, LED TV over fireplace. Wall above fireplace is just like any other wall in the house and in some cases even stronger. In terms of heat, if you can hold your hand against fireplace and it doesn’t burn you then it’s not going to heat up your TV. Also, TV is not going to touch fireplace wall directly. TV wall mount will be between TV and the wall leaving some room for ventilation. And last, any LCD TV, Plasma TV, LED TV generate heat when in use and there are fans built into TVs to cool them down.

Two major things to consider before TV installation over fireplace. First is TV viewing height. When TV installed over fireplace, it’s way higher than normal TV installation height. Second is wire concealment. In most cases we can run wires through walls into basement or attic. In some cases we have to cut the wall to run wires through. Special wire concealment options apply to running wires in stone and brick fireplaces. Wires have to be longer than regular TV installation. Scroll down to see few TV over fireplace installations. PHOTOS

Sony LCD TV installation over fireplace

Here we have 52” Sony Bravia LCD TV installation over fireplace in Vernon, NJ. This fireplace is built inside the room. There is hollow space around metal chimney behind the wall TV installed on. These fireplaces mostly found in condos. In this installation we ran wires to the right side wall and came out next to cabinet. Cable box is installed in cabinet as shown in this picture. TV installation over fireplace in this case did not require cutting walls. Because of empty space behind this fireplace walls, we snaked wires to fireplace side wall. Very clean TV over fireplace installation.
Panasonic Plasma TV installation over fireplace

Here we have 58” Panasonic Plasma TV over fireplace installation. This Plasma TV installation over stone was very complex. There is just 1.5” of clearance between massive 58” TV and fireplace mantel. Stones are rough. It is very difficult to drill into stone with extreme precision this installation required. This TV barely fit between wooden beam ceiling and mantel. Wires are run through closet that is above TV on second floor. Cable box ins installed on top left book shelf. Customer was very concerned if his 58” plasma TV will fit over fireplace or he needs to buy smaller TV. He made right decision hiring for his very complicated and precise TV over fireplace installation.
LCD TV installation over fireplace

Here we have 52” Sony XBR LCD TV installation over fireplace along with Bose 321 surround sound system in Jackson,NJ. This is most typical fireplace type. Wall does not extend into the room and chimney is built outside of the house. In this TV installation over the fireplace we snaked wires into the basement. Then we installed wall plate under right window and wires were ran from basement to wall plate. This Sony LCD TV over the fireplace does not only look awesome but also allows to watch TV from kitchen and dining area. Another great TV installation by
LED TV installation over fireplaceHere we have 52” Sony XBR LCD TV installation over brick fireplace in Pound Ridge,NY. This is one of complex TV over fireplace installations. Customer requested wires to be concealed and Monster Cable power center installed behind TV. To make room for Monster power center, we had to remove 2 bricks out the wall to embed surge protector flush into the wall. To conceal wires, we channeled 3” deep channel between bricks all the way around left fireplace corner to reach drywall. Then we snaked wires behind drywall into storage closet on the other side. After that wires were run into wall unit center cabinet next to log storage. Electronics are installed behind closed doors. To control electronics we used Harmony 890 universal RF remote control. Wood burning fireplace can still be used normally.
This TV installation over brick fireplace took whole day but will serve customer for years to come. Great custom TV installation.

LCD TV over fireplace installation, Plasma TV over fireplace installation, LED TV over fireplace installation are more complex as oppose to regular TV on the wall installation. We, at, are experts in TV installations over fireplace. Call us to discuss your TV over fireplace installation.