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TV Installation in the Bathroom

It’s nice to watch TV in the bathroom taking bath or relaxing in Jacuzzi !

TV installation in bathrooms is not as uncommon as one might think. If you go to SPA salons or hanging out in your local gym Jacuzzi, you might find TV installed in the area to entertain customers. Same concept applies to your own home. We have many customers who love their TVs in bathrooms.

There are few TV installation in bathroom options and obstacles. First is TV model to choose. There are waterproof TVs specifically made for bathroom installations. Regular LCD TV can be installed as well with proper bathroom ventilation. However, bathroom moisture will shorten LCD TV life. There are in-wall LCD TVs meant to be installed flush with the wall. Second is what mount to use for LCD TV installation in bathroom. Many of our customers prefer full motion arm mount to have their TV installation in the bathroom. It allows to watch TV from different bathroom areas. Some customers prefer to have their TV installed in from of Jacuzzi on flat or tilting mount. Third is cable box relocation and power source. We usually relocate cable boxes out of the sight. Depending on bathroom layout and access to surrounding areas, we determine where we can install the box. It can be installed in bathroom cabinet, attic, under the sink, in adjoining room or TV can have direct cable feed without cable box. Contact us to discuss your TV installation in bathroom. PHOTOS

Samsung LCD TV installation in bathroom

Here we have LCD TV installation in bathroom in front of Jacuzzi and shower for our NJ customer. There is no cable box in this installation. TV receives basic channels via coaxial cable. Power outlet is installed behind TV during renovation. Basic and neat setup.
Sony LCD TV installation in bathroom
Here we have 40” Sony LCD TV installation in bathroom for our NYC customer. This job was more complicated than the one above. Customer did not want to cut into walls to run wires and requested to have HD cable box installed. We had to install track molding that runs from shower door, around toilet, and ends behind the wall where mirror is. Then wires were snaked inside the wall down to come out inside sink vanity. HD cable box is installed under the sink. Power was taken from under mirror outlet and split into two: one for TV and one for cable box. Cable feed was taken from adjoining master bedroom and run into sink vanity. IR remote repeater system was installed to allow customer to change channels through closed doors. Very nice LCD TV in bathroom installation.
Sharp LCD TV installation in bathroom

Here we have 26” Sharp LCD TV installation in bathroom in NYC. This LCD TV was installed on full motion arm mount to allow customer to turn TV and watch it from Jacuzzi on the right and toilet that is on TV left. This TV receives basic cable channels without cable box. In this bathroom LCD TV installed on tile. We had to use drill bits designed to drill through tile to prevent tile cracking and chipping. Outlet was installed behind TV. Very functional setup in this NYC bathroom.
Samsung LCD TV installation in bathroomHere we have 26” waterproof LCD TV with custom mirror finish installed on full motion arm mount. This Mount Kisco,NJ job was quite challenging. To have TV accurately installed in the center of the towel cabinet and towel warmer half-wall, we had to break the wall on the other side and reinforce it to support arm mount and TV weight. HD cable box was installed in the attic. Power was taken from towel warmer outlet and snaked into the attic. TV wires were also snaked into the attic. Cable feed was run from outside the house into the attic. IR remote repeater system was installed to control cable box channels. This LCD TV in the bathroom installation looks terrific. Beautiful and functional TV installation allowing to watch TV from the tub and the shower.
LCD TV installation in bathroom, LED TV installation in bathroom are not as uncommon as people think. Average person spends year and a half of his life in bathroom. And people who love to take baths spend even more time. Why not to entertain yourself during that time? Call for your bathroom TV installation.