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TV installation into motorized TV cabinet

TV installation inside motorized cabinet-great way to hide TV!

Motorized cabinets allow LCD TV, Plasma TV, LED TV to be hidden inside when not in use. With a touch of the button top cover flips open and TV comes out the cabinet upright. Motorized TV cabinets also have compartments to install your electronics out of sight. IR remote repeater system or RF universal remote control has to be installed to control electronics through closed doors.

Motorized cabinet TV installation is tricky. Maximum extension height along with bottom stop have to be adjusted to match LCD TV, Plasma TV or LED TV dimensions. Also, mount plate itself has to be set to  TV mounting hole pattern. Wires have to be run into built in folding wire loom and run to right or left cabinet. It takes time to get all those adjustment perfect.

TV installation inside motorized TV cabinet is the best option In cases where customer does not want to move art off the wall where TV installation would have been perfect. Motorized TV cabinets look like credenza and blend into room decor beautifully. has performed many motorized cabinet TV installations. Scroll down to see our motorized cabinet TV installation pictures and video.

Call to have your motorized cabinet TV installation performed by expert installers!