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TV installation into wall unit

TV installation into wall unit is great option when you have nice wall unit.

Many customers call us asking if we can install their TV into wall unit. Yes we can!

Some people have custom made wall units they had large CRT tube TVs. Some people are in process of building custom wall units and need dimensions for cabinet maker to incorporate TV niche into wall unit design. Many customers want to know what is the largest TV they can fit into their existing wall units.

We have installed many TVs into new and existing custom wall units. When new unit is being ordered and build customer call us to determine TV type and size. Cabinet maker builds and installs wall unit. Then we come and mount TV inside the unit. When customer has the cabinet, we come to discuss TV size and any modifications that we have to make to existing wall unit. Customer purchases TV and we come back to install it.

Surround Sound system can be installed at the same time to complete Home Theater. In some cases we work with cabinet maker to incorporate speakers into wall unit. In some cases we install speakers into ceiling. It all depends on design and possible installation options. Call us before you order your new wall unit or to install your TV into existing wall unit. Scroll down for examples.

wall unit TV installation NYC

Here we have 32” Samsung LCD TV wall unit installation in NYC. Customer has custom made book case/wall unit and wanted to replace their old CRT tube TV with this new LCD TV. We opted for full motion arm mount for this wall unit TV installation. It allows customer to have TV inside the unit when not in use and to pull it out and position it for optimum viewing angle. This is a secondary TV in the house. We ran direct cable feed to this TV eliminating cable box.
Beautiful setup by
TV installation into wall unit

Here we have Samsung 50” Plasma TV wall unit installation along with Bose Lifestyle 5.1 surround sound system for our Lawrence,NY customer. This wall unit was custom built. We worked with cabinet maker to have TV flush with wall unit. Here we used low profile fixed wall mount. Per our request, cabinet maker made shelf and sound transparent door directly above TV. Electronics and front Bose speakers are installed behind the door. Rear speakers are set on speaker stands next to the couch. Subwoofer is in the corner behind arm chair.
Very nice looking wall unit TV installation by
custom wall unit TV installationHere we have Sony Bravia 40” LCD TV wall unit installation in Port Jefferson,NY into wall 10 year old unit. This unit was not designed to house LCD TV. CRT TV used to sit on right bottom shelf next to speaker.  40” Sony Bravia was the largest screen size TV we could use. In order for TV to fit, we had to remove two top cabinet doors and partially cut chambers divider with special saw that doesn’t scratch shelf finish. Then we sanded edges and painted them to the cabinet color. Next challenge was clearance. TV is 23 3/8” tall and shelf is 23 5/8” tall. We used full motion arm mount and very precise measuring to have TV fit with only 1/8”! left on top and bottom. Electronics are setup on the shelf under TV. Extremely precise wall unit TV installation by
large TV installation in wall unit
Here we have Samsung 72” DLP wall unit installation along with Polk Audio surround sound system in NJ. We also installed two rock speakers for backyard area entertainment. Customer had older rear projection TV on wheels. Cabinet maker had to make a pedestal to stand new TV and to house electronics under. We advised to make all shelve equal in wight. TV and all electronics fit like glove. Center channel was install directly under TV. Right and left speakers are hidden inside right and left bottom cabinets that have sound transparent material over doors. Rear speakers were installed in wall right behind the couch. Subwoofer is hidden behind arm chair to the left. Giant TV with great quality sound system make customer feel like in the movie theater.
Perfect wall unit TV installation by

Wall unit is a great place for your new LCD TV, Plasma TV, LED TV, DLP TV. We are experts in wall unit TV installations. We can work with your cabinet maker to make TV look perfect after wall unit is built. We can modify your existing unit to fit your new flat panel TV. Call us to discuss your wall unit TV installation.